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Supply Chain Management with Artificial Intelligence

Supply Chain Management with Artificial Intelligence

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Course Description:

In this course, you'll learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way supply chains work. We'll look at how AI can make supply chains run more smoothly by helping with things like predicting demand, managing inventory, and planning logistics. Through lectures, real-world examples, and hands-on projects, you'll see how AI tools like machine learning and data analytics can make supply chains more efficient, save money, and reduce risks.

Modules Covered:

Module 1: Role of Supply Chain Management in the Organisation

Module 2: Supply Chain and General Business Strategy alignment

Module 3:
Warehousing Strategy for Efficient Supply Chain Management

Module 4:
Inventory Management for Supply Chain Effectiveness

Module 5:
Strategic Logistics Alliances

Module 6:
Efficient Transportation & Customer Service Goals

Module 7:
SCM Developments & Strategy

Module 8:
SCM Quality Management

Module 9:
SCM Performance Measurement

Module 10:
Information Technology (IT) for Supply Chain Management

Module 11:
Global Supply Chains and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Module 12:
Introduction to AI in Supply Chain

Module 13:
Role of AI in Optimizing Supply Chains

Module 14:
Logistics Management and AI

Module 15:
AI-Driven Demand Planning

Module 16:
Smart Warehousing with AI

Module 17:
AI for Supply Chain Visibility

Module 18:
Risk Management and AI

Training Outcome:

  • Learn the basics of supply chain management and artificial intelligence.
  • See how AI is used in real-world supply chain processes.
  • Discover how to analyze supply chain data to find where AI can help.
  • Get practical experience using AI for demand forecasting, inventory management, and logistics planning.
  • Understand the ethical and social issues that come with using AI in supply chains.

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Customer Reviews

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Barbara Lindsey
Self-paced Flexibility

Flexible schedule allowed me to learn at my own pace without feeling rushed.

Susana Frederick
Instructor Guidance (Virtual)

Virtual instructor guidance was available when needed, enhancing understanding of complex AI topics.

Marcos Maxwell
Collaborative Learning Environment

Collaborated with peers on AI projects, enhancing learning through teamwork.

Janette Goldberg
Lifelong Learning

Instilled a passion for lifelong learning in AI advancements within supply chains.

Scott Riddle
Industry Insights

Provided valuable insights into AI trends shaping the supply chain industry.