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Global Islamic Banking & Finance

Global Islamic Banking & Finance

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Course Description:

Explore the dynamic world of Global Islamic Banking and Finance with our comprehensive course. Gain a deep understanding of Islamic financial principles, practices, and their application in the global financial landscape. This course covers fundamental concepts such as Shariah compliance, Islamic contracts, and the structure of Islamic financial products. Delve into the principles of profit-sharing (Mudarabah) and risk-sharing (Musharakah), alongside the prohibition of interest (Riba). Learn how Islamic finance fosters ethical and socially responsible financial practices, offering insights into its role in global markets and its impact on economic development.

Modules Covered:

Module 1 : Introduction to Islamic economics and Finance

Module 2 : Islamic Finance Structures

Module 3 : Islamic Retail Products

Module 4 : Islamic Corporate Products

Module 5 :  Islamic Treasury Products

Module 6 :  Islamic Funds

Module 7 :  Sukuk - Islamic Bonds

Module 8 :  Takaful

Module 9 :   Zakat

Module 10 :   WAQF

Training Outcome:

  • Understand the core principles and fundamentals of Islamic banking and finance.
  • Gain insights into the significance of Shariah compliance in financial transactions.
  • Acquire knowledge of various Islamic financial instruments and their applications.
  • Evaluate the ethical and social implications of Islamic finance practices.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in analyzing the role of Islamic finance in global economic frameworks.

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Customer Reviews

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Lola Shay
Perfect for Self-Learners

As a self-learner, this course was ideal. I could take my time to fully understand each concept.

Faye Sweeney
Valuable Insights

The insights into AI roles and reporting structures were particularly valuable.

Edward Gorman
AI Reporting Structures

Understanding AI reporting structures has helped me better navigate my organization's AI initiatives.

Erika Tran
Self-Learning Friendly

This course is perfect for those who prefer to learn independently and at their own pace.

Rochelle Moyer
Ethical AI Practices

I appreciated the focus on ethical practices in AI, which is often overlooked in other courses.