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AWS Solutions Architect Associate

AWS Solutions Architect Associate

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Course Description:

Join our AWS Solutions Architect Associate Online Course to master the essentials of cloud architecture on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Designed for beginners and IT professionals alike, this course provides a comprehensive introduction to cloud computing principles and AWS services. Learn how to design, deploy, and manage scalable, highly available systems on AWS while optimizing cost and performance. Whether you're starting your cloud journey or aiming to enhance your existing AWS skills, this course offers practical insights and hands-on experience to propel your career forward in cloud computing.

Modules Covered:

Module 1: Introduction to AWS

Module 2: Security Management in AWS

Module 3: Object Storage Options in AWS

Module 4: Amazon EC2

Module 5: Load Balancing - Auto Scaling - Route53

Module 6: Database Service & Analytics

Module 7: Networking & Monitoring Services

Module 8: Application Services & AWS Lambda

Module 9: Configuration Management & Automation

Module 10: Architectural Design 2

Training Outcome:

  • Understand AWS Fundamentals: Gain a solid grasp of AWS foundational services, including EC2, S3, and VPCs.
  • Design Scalable Architectures: Learn to architect scalable and fault-tolerant systems on AWS using best practices.
  • Deploy Applications: Master the deployment of applications on AWS, leveraging services like Elastic Beanstalk and AWS Lambda.
  • Secure AWS Environments: Implement security measures and best practices to protect data and resources on AWS.
  • Optimize Costs: Apply cost optimization strategies to manage AWS resources efficiently and maximize ROI.

Certificate of Achivement

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