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Agile Scrum Foundation

Agile Scrum Foundation

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Course Description:

Our Agile Scrum Foundation course is designed to introduce participants to the fundamentals of Agile methodologies and Scrum framework. This interactive training equips you with essential knowledge about Agile principles, roles, ceremonies, and artifacts. Through practical examples and case studies, you'll gain insights into how Agile practices enhance project management flexibility, efficiency, and stakeholder satisfaction. Whether you're new to Agile or looking to formalize your understanding, this course provides a solid foundation to navigate and contribute effectively in Agile environments.

Modules Covered:

Module 1: Overview

Module 2: Introduction to Agile

Module 3: 
Introduction to Scrum

Module 4: 
All about Scrum

Module 5: 
Introduction to Kanban

Module 6: 
Practice Set

Training Outcome:

  • Understand the core principles and values of Agile methodology.
  • Comprehend the roles and responsibilities within a Scrum team.
  • Be proficient in Scrum ceremonies like Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-ups, Reviews, and Retrospectives.
  • Gain insights into Agile artifacts such as Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, and Burndown Charts.
  • Apply Agile practices to improve project transparency, adaptability, and team collaboration effectively.

Certificate of Achivement

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